What is a buddy?

A Buddy is a volunteer, ages 12+ who will assist your player 1:1 during the games. Buddies offer support to your player, providing any physical assistance needed as well as encouragement, and acting as an intermediate if further assistance is required during the game.

Who can play?

There’s something about the game of baseball that lights up a player’s eyes. It’s an experience that everyone deserves. But for individuals facing physical or cognitive challenges, that opportunity is often unavailable or can be a difficult first step. The Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League is a fully inclusive program. Anyone (age 5 and up) with

Are there practices?

There are no practices at the Miracle League; however, the coaches may want to warm-up with your player before the game. This is why it is important to arrive 20 minutes prior to each game to be paired up with your Buddy and to get warmed up

What makes Miracle League so special?

The Miracle League field is specifically designed for individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges. It is made with a rubberized surface that is wheelchair accessible. Bases and pitching mounds are painted on the surface so that there are no raised obstacles found on a typical baseball field. The “dugout” area is big enough to accommodate

When does the Miracle League season run?

The Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League offers spring and fall baseball seasons. Our spring season typically begins in April and concludes in late May. Our fall season typically begins on the weekend after Labor Day and runs until late October or early November. You will have to sign up for each season individually.

Where is the field located?

The Miracle League field is located at Shillito Park, 300 W Reynolds Rd, Lexington, KY 40503. Look for signage to the Cal Ripken and South Lexington  Baseball Complex. The field is located towards the back right of the complex.

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